Diversity & Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy Statement

Kho Kho Federation of England (KKFE) believes:

Everyone should have equal chances in life no matter what their ability, ethnicity, gender, beliefs or life experiences. We want to make sure that our services are available to all. We value difference and want to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, including volunteers who wish to join us. We believe this will increase the range of skills and talents within the organisation.

Aim of the Policy

We believe that we can support all parts of society to achieve a fulfilling experience of Kho Kho, if we make full use of the talents and resources of all our employees and volunteers. We will recognise and value individual differences and challenge discriminatory practices or attitudes.

Employment and Volunteering

Our procedures are designed to treat individuals solely according to their ability to meet job/role requirements. This will ensure that in all aspects of employment employees are treated as unique individuals.

To support this, we will:

  • Monitor recruitment procedures, employment and volunteering practices to ensure that our procedures are fair and that applicants are considered solely based on merit and ability
  • Address any inequalities which become apparent from our monitoring
  • Aim to attract and select the best employees and volunteers from all sections of the community through the application of valid, reliable and fair recruitment selection methods
  • Ensure that work environments are not hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive

Providing Services

We want to ensure that our services are welcoming to all and accessible to people from all communities.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Monitor procedures and practices to ensure that they are fair
    Address any inequalities which become apparent from our monitoring
  • Ensure that employees and volunteers are aware of the needs of people we support from different groups
  • Ensure employees and volunteers promote fair treatment of all people involved in the sport
  • Investigate urgently any claim of discrimination or harassment

Responsibilities of employees and volunteers

All employees, volunteers and non-contracted workers are required to support and work to Kho Kho Federation of England’s Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy.

All Managers & directors will:

  • Take action to promote a workplace where people are valued and have dignity Promote anti-discriminatory practice
  • Take responsibility for application of this policy in their work area
  • Keep up to date with equality legislation and good practice by sourcing information and attending training as required

All employees and volunteers will:

  • Contribute to a working environment where all are treated with dignity and respect
  • Not harass, abuse or intimidate other employees, potential employees, the people we support, visitors or others with whom they may have contact during their work.