The Game of Chase

Kho Kho
The game

Kho Kho is a tag sport that develops a players speed, agility and decision making. Players enter in batches of 3, and avoid being touched by members of the opposing team. It’s nothing like you have ever played before, come to one of our sessions and try it out!

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Chasing Turn

Teams are made up of 9 players and 3 substitutes. Each team has a ‘Running Turn’ and a ‘Chasing Turn’. When ‘Chasing’, 8 players sit along the centre line, facing alternative directions. The 9th Chasers (Active Chaser) aims to catch an opponent, or gives Kho to transfer the status of Active chaser to their team mate.

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Running Turn

When ‘Running’, players enter in batches of 3. Runners can run in any direction, however Chasers cannot. Once a direction is chosen by a chaser, they must commit to that direction or give Kho. When 3 of a batch are out, the next batch enters. This is repeated till time is up.

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Please contact us if you wish to train in Kho Kho. If you require a copy of our rules, please contact [email protected].

On your marks, get set, KHO!

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About US


Established in 2014 we aim to promote the sport in a variety of ways. We can train those interested in playing as part of a group, community or organisation, assist with organising tournaments and provide officials to referee the game professionally for competitions held in England.

To join or find out more let us know.

  • players on each team
  • players take the field
  • innings per game
  • Minutes of each chasing and running turn

If you are a school, college, university or any other groups who would be interested in taking up this sport or require training please contact us.

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Profiles & Roles
Brij Haldania
Founder & Chairman
Brij Haldania has been playing Kho Kho from way back in the day! He was awarded Best Kho Kho Player of Rajasthan. It was his vision to build an England Federation for Kho Kho and an international platform for the sport. Email: [email protected]
Rohit Haldania
General Secretary
Rohit was introduced to Kho Kho by his pops. Having fallen in love with the sport, he began playing for Team Wembley. In 2014, Ro wrote the constitution for the charity and is now involved in developing the future strategy for Kho England.
Manoj Gopal
Director of Sports Development
Manoj is a Kho Kho O.G! He’s was involved in the very first conversation about KKFE and is a legendary player. He understands the sports technical aspects, and works on implementing rules at different levels. Manoj also trains in Jujitsu.
Hasu Kanabar
Finance Director
The money man! Since beginning our charity Hasu has managed the Federation’s finances in line with the Charity Commission. He has also helped KKFE obtain crucial funding to help develop.
Jay Gopal
Technical Director
Jay is a Kho Kho veteran that has played the sport from an early age. He helped organise and develop Kho Kho for the younger generation. Jay is the guy to go to regarding rules. He has organised several referee workshops and has been with KKFE from the very start.
Mita Patel
Trustee Board – Communications
Mita has always offered a supporting hand to KKFE since we began as a charity. She has volunteered at our events including the National Championships and will be helping us on the next one (coming soon!).
Kunal Rastogi
Joint Secretary
Kunal is a one-stop-shop for all everything to do with strategic planning and technology. Kunal offers advice and guidance on matters of law and governance and is a very nice person.


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